Sunday, July 15, 2012

Baltic UFO

'UFO' at the bottom of the Baltic Sea 'cuts off electrical equipment when divers get within 200m'

Object is raised about 10 to 13ft above seabed and curved at the sides like a mushroom

Hole is surrounded by an strange rock formation that expedition team can not explain

Stones are covered in something 'resembling soot' which has baffled experts

Divers say phones and some cameras switch off when close to the object


The divers exploring a 'UFO-shaped' object at the bottom of the Baltic Sea say their equipment stops working when they approach within 200m.

Professional diver Stefan Hogerborn, part of the Ocean X team which is exploring the anomaly, said some of the team's cameras and the team's satellite phone would refuse to work when directly above the object, and would only work once they had sailed away.

He is quoted as saying: 'Anything electric out there - and the satellite phone as well - stopped working when we were above the object.

'And then we got away about 200 meters and it turned on again, and when we got back over the object it didn't work.'

Hefty trajectory: The Swedish diving team noted a 985-foot flattened out 'runway' leading up to the object, implying that it skidded along the path before stopping but no true answers are clear

Diver Peter Lindberg said: 'We have experienced things that I really couldn't imagine and I have been the team's biggest skeptic regarding these different kind of theories.

'I was kind of prepared just to find a stone or cliff or outcrop or pile of mud but it was nothing like that, so for me it has been a missing experience I must say.'

Member Dennis Åsberg said: 'I am one hundred percent convinced and confident that we have found something that is very, very, very unique.

'Then if it is a meteorite or an asteroid, or a volcano, or a base from, say, a U-boat from the Cold War which has manufactured and placed there - or if it is a UFO...

'Well honestly it has to be something.'

Friday, July 6, 2012

Crazy Mug Shot

Hahaha.. Just love this photo over the net. Feel like laughing all night.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Crazy invention

Some of the crazy out of the box kind of invention.

Florida lifeguard gets fired for helping save a drowning man outside his designated beach area

Where is common courtesy. It totally not acceptable. He save a man life no sleeping on his job for god sake.

HALLANDALE BEACH, Fla. — Lifeguard Tomas Lopez helped save a drowning man and got fired for it.

The reason: He left the section of a south Florida beach his company is paid to patrol. The Orlando-based company, Jeff Ellis and Associates, says Lopez broke a company rule and could have put beachgoers in his section in jeopardy.

Lopez was on duty Monday at Hallandale Beach when a beachgoer asked for help. Lopez said he ran to assist a man struggling in the water south of his post.

By the time Lopez arrived, witnesses had pulled the drowning man out of the water. Lopez and an off-duty nurse helped him until paramedics arrived. The victim survived and was hospitalized.

Afterward, Lopez was fired.

Two other lifeguards have quit in protest.

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Mount Hua, Shaanxi Province

how to climb??? so genius who ever craft it

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

parasite inside the eye

true story based on newspaper report. happen to PK Krishnamurthy, 75 in mumbai.

secret to a long happy marriage

Monday, July 2, 2012

Birds behaviour

Check out this photo...

Strange news: Bangladesh farmers turn to 'frog weddings'

Make me wonder!!!!!

Bangladesh farmers turn to 'frog weddings'

(AFP) DHAKA — Farmers in a parched district of northern Bangladesh are marrying off frogs in a desperate bid to bring on monsoon rains and protect their crops, local officials said Wednesday.

Bangladesh suffered its driest July in decades, prompting farmers to turn to the centuries-old rain-making ritual of celebrating frog marriages, officials say.

"There have been lot of frog marriages as there has been hardly any rainfall here even though it's monsoon season," Sadullahpur district government administrator Ariful Haq said.

At a frog wedding in Ramchandrapur village, 300 villagers dressed in their best clothes attended the festivities, said Tajul Islam, who was at the wedding.

"The frog bride and groom are highly decorated with a red streak of colour on their forehead and carried in a special basket to a banana-leaf stage," he said.

"Villagers sing songs, make offerings of rice and grass, then after the ceremony the married frogs are released in the village pond," he said, adding that all the village children then got traditional sweets.

Monsoon rains normally sweep Bangladesh from June to September, with the country receiving more than 75 percent of its annual rainfall during this period.

In July, usually the wettest month of the year, Bangladesh received 36 percent less rain than last year, said Shah Alam, deputy chief of the weather department.

"The rainfall in July was the lowest in the last three decades," he said.
Scientists say Bangladesh is one of the countries worst hit by the effects of climate change with extreme weather conditions such as drought and flooding likely to increase in future.

"The situation is horrible. The farmers hardly have enough water to plant paddy crops. The water bodies have dried up," Sadullahpur district government administrator Haq said.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Rosemary usage

Therapeutic uses

Internal use

It is used with great success for dyspeptic complaints, flatulence and to stimulate appetite and the secretion of gastric juices.

It is also used as supportive therapy for rheumatism and circulatory problems.

In herbal preparations it can be included to ensure proper circulation to the penis.

Furthermore it is used for headaches, as well as for nervous complaints.
Rosemary is used widely in Mediterranean cooking and the fresh or dried leaves are used to flavor meat (especially lamb and kid), sausages, stuffing, soups, stews and to make tea. The flowers can also be added to salads.

External use

Externally, rosemary helps to increase circulation and is very often used in hair care products and lotions as it stimulates the hair follicles to renewed activity and prevent premature baldness.

It has two important properties – it is an outstanding free radical scavenger and therefore has amazing antioxidant properties, and secondly has an remarkable stimulating effect on the skin.

Apart from this, it has good antiseptic properties and is traditionally used for hair and scalp stimulation, as well as anti-aging products.

It has rubefacient properties and therefore is most useful when an increase of blood flow is required or when below-par circulation needs to be rectified.

Rosemary is an effective treatment against scurf and dandruff.

It can also be used in mouth rinses and gargles; and is applied topically to stimulate circulation.

It has analgesic as well as antibacterial, antifungal and anti-parasitic properties.

Aromatherapy and essential oil use
This essential oil helps to clear the mind, sharpen the memory and boost the central nervous system. In the body it helps to clear respiratory congestion, including sinuses and relieving catarrh and asthma.

Its analgesic properties are useful for treating rheumatism, arthritis and sore stiff muscles.

Furthermore, it stimulates the liver and gall bladder and helps to lower high blood sugar.

On the skin, it has a tightening effect and reduces bloating and puffiness. In hair care, it stimulates hair growth and fights scalp problems.

It has analgesic, antidepressant, astringent, carminative, cephalic, cholagogue, cordial, digestive, diuretic, emmenagogue, hepatic, hypertensive, nervine, rubefacient, stimulant, sudorific and tonic properties.

Safety precautions and warnings

Rosemary essential oil has a highly stimulating action and may not be suitable for people with epilepsy or high blood pressure.

The essential oil should also not be used during pregnancy.