Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Natural therapy for opening the veins of the heart.

Natural therapy for opening the veins of the heart.

Please pass it to your colleagues or friends.

For Heart Vein opening:

Lemon juice              01 cup
Ginger juice               01 cup
Garlic  4 pods to get  01 cup 
Apple cider vinegar    01 cup

Mix all above and boil on low heat, approximately half  hour, when it becomes 3 cups, take off stove and let cool. After cooling, mix 3 cups of natural honey and keep it in bottle. 

Squeeze lemon, followed by liquidising ginger and extracting the juice, then do the garlic, adding some apple cider vinegar to assist the liquidising process.  
Use the balance vinegar to wash the liquidiser. Note:  

1. Not necessary to strain the garlic juice. 

2. Use cloth to strain juices to prevent mixture turning green - there is no harm if it turns a little green 

Every morning before breakfast  use one Table spoon regularly. Your blockage of Vein's will open.

No need now for any Angiography  or Bypass...

Please pass on this to your real well wishers...

Wishing you a healthy life..


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  2. Yes veins can be treated naturally but it will take more time then any other treatment, Latest technology makes treatment of vein very easy if you want to get rid of vein disease in very short time you should consider laser treatment for it.

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  3. Can we used this remedy if patient is with high cholesterol,and with high blood pressure.Please answere me on my FB account romanconsumo@yahoo.com.tnx and God Bless you.

  4. sir plz give me advice no any side effect in this therapy coz patient already taking the medicine so he take this therapy or not . give me ans my gmail ac - sonurahulcall@gmail.com

  5. Ginger juice 01 cup !!!! How much kg ginger should we buy to get 01 cup juice????

  6. This seems to be a Nature Therapy, we have seen how many people have been saved or cured easily, so people from medical profession are trying to run it down so people become unwell & they can fleece them.

    We have a guy near Shimoga (Karnataka state, India) where people from many parts of world & thousands of locals go regularly and he cures them with medicinal wood/ leaves - No charges. This guy can open veins and make body purify its blood too, but it’s not meant for stupid people who prefer hospitals and want to struggle and live, struggle & die.
    I cured my problems the simple way, as also many of my friends so booo to the people trying to give this a negative hue - pee off.

    *Stupid people with no knowledge nor willing to do simple tasks ask stupid questions to confuse others. By the way lookup YouTube on how to do ginger juice, you'll find that you need about 200-250 gms at most as you need to mix water when juicing in a blender, and same ginger has to be extracted min 3 times or more, rest can be used in cooking for ginger based dishes as it still has power.

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